Friday, 21 June 2013

Titles are not my strong point. Thank goodness I don't write headlines.

It would probably be easier to write a title if I knew what the post would be about.

If all else fails, I'll write about turtles and grammatically challenged starfish.

Did you know rejigged is totally a legitimate word? I thought it was just something people said. Also, did you know that bologna is actually pronounced 'baloney'. Which is total baloney. Or bologna. Whichever you prefer.

I got really excited because I thought it was six months until my birthday today but it turns out that my computer displays the date the American way: 6/21/13. Which is a shame, because I totally think the 21st month would just be a massive party month. We could call it Rocktober. Although I'd much rather go to a library over a concert, so perhaps Readvember?

That wasn't even funny. I'm too tired for this stuff.

Resisting the urge to make cake jokes about being "two-tiered". Or bike jokes about being "two-tired".

Fun facts about me: My favourite Doctor Who episode is Vincent and the Doctor. Also, I like to play chess. I make terrible jokes. I've had a lot of pets.

I just made a twitter (basically to advertise my blog and attempt to be funny in small doses), which can be found here:

I'll write something better later. Probably something about all the pets I've had.

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