Sunday, 23 June 2013

Nothing like the last minute for getting things done...

Ok. It's  11:37. Therefore this post will be short. I will do better tomorrow. I promise.

I went skiing today. I managed several controlled descents even!
Side note: Have you got your impressed face on? You should have your impressed face on.

Once again I ate a lot of snow.

I also managed to step onto a bit of snow that wasn't so solid and end up knee deep in snow, whilst still in the process of walking, meaning I've twisted my knee a bit.

Attempted leg-breaking aside, I had a great time.

The best bit was the feeling of accomplishment after stopping without looking like a total dweeb.
The worst bit was carrying the skis and the gear.

I also enjoyed eating snow and spending time with my friend. And just being in the snow. I really do love snow, it's so beautiful and pure. Unlike me.

Today was possibly the first time in my life I've been told to keep my legs apart instead of together....

And on that note I will end this post, before the quality level drops even further.

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