Monday, 1 July 2013

Why I had the best physics class in the whole world...

This post was inspired by my friend Jono, and is brought to you by Newton's Third Law, Light (it's a particle AND a wave) and the Doppler Effect.

Despite the fact that the class motto was quite possibly "JESS, stop over-complicating things", physics was actually one of my favourite classes.

Our other physics class catch phrases included "Soz about it", meaning "I'm not sorry at all", and "ballpark figure", which was the teacher's trademark saying.

Physics was the only class in which I got "exceed expectations" for homework on my report card, despite the fact that I don't think I did any physics homework all year. We went through the homework in class so I just worked it out on the fly.

Unfortunately, this did show up in my exam results. Stay in school and do your homework, kids. Trust me on this.

We did lots of exciting things in physics. Like that time when the teacher took us on a field trip to...wait for it...the school hall. We did get to play with giant springs though, so that was fun. We almost forgave the teacher. Almost.

Or the time when we tried to convince the relief teacher (substitute, to my American friends) that I should be allowed to play my guitar because we were learning harmonics. She didn't buy it.

Or when the teacher got so sick of us harassing him about cleaning the board properly that he actually cleaned it properly.

Or the time when I tried to invoke both the arrow/fletcher's paradox (also known as Zeno's third paradox) and Heisenberg's uncertainty principle to prove that I didn't need to learn kinematic equations. Both of which proved unsuccessful.

One trick that did prove successful was the Death Star Manoeuvre. Along with the other constellations and planets on the ceiling of the lab, our teacher put up a toy Death Star. We came into class, sat down, looked down at our books and, predictably, failed to notice it. At which point he told us "I'm disappointed in you girls. You're so unobservant. I put a Death Star on the ceiling and you didn't even notice."

A few months later, we were finally left alone in the lab, and decided to move the Death Star. After arguing for a few minutes on where to place it, we eventually agreed to place it in plain sight, rather than hiding it in a corner. After removing it, getting scared and trying to hide it behind my back when someone entered the room and dropping it, we finally managed to reattach it to the ceiling.

This was a Friday. Our next lesson was a Monday. We waited for half the lesson, almost expecting the teacher to have noticed and to say something. Finally, our (ok, mostly my) giggling gave us away, and one of the girls spoke up. "Mister, we're really disappointed in you. We moved your Death Star and you didn't even notice."

As I said before, my physics class rocked. It was full of awesome people, taught in an engaging and fun way, and just generally a happy and safe class to be in. Thanks guys!

I have no idea how to end this post.

Perhaps with a question. What are some funny things you remember from school? Share in the comments section and be in to win. Terms and conditions apply. See in store for details.

Bye for now,

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