Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Wow, it's been a while since I last posted....

Hey everyone.
Yeah, it has been a while. Thanks, I missed you too! No, I'm just honestly terrible at keeping in touch, I do love you, I swear...

Thank goodness that conversation is over. Okay, so last time y'all heard from me I had just arrived in Hamilton for Uni, correct? Yeah, I think that's about right. So, let's recap the last five or so months.

Yes, that's right, it's time for the bullet points...dun dun dun...
  • I got called as a nursery assistant at church, which basically means I get to spend two hours a week hanging out with under twos (and their parents) and attempting, in three minutes or less, to teach them something about the gospel (the children, not the parents).
  • I have an amazing group of beautiful, charming, wonderful friends who are ridiculously caring and supportive even when I'm being a massive pain in the butt, who make sure my life never has a dull moment and, most importantly, who watch Doctor Who with me :)
  • I found a Christmas tree in the flat cupboard and now our flat has a fully decorated Christmas tree. I've decided to call it Augustus Waters (sorry not sorry).
  • My hair went bright purple, and then darker purple, and, most recently, blonde. Well, blonde-ish. It's complicated, okay?
  • I joined the Supernatural Fandom. GIFs all around! 
  • I've been doing lots of writing and getting tons of tips and advice. I even tried my hand at prose (good luck finding it, it's on a secret tumblr).
  • I've confronted several of my demons (and I'm in negotiations with the others...kidding guys!).
  • I'm learning how to dance, which is super fun and a major highlight in my life. I can kind of do waltzing and the Viennese waltz, and I'm learning lots of Ceroc (also known as modern jive) moves, which I just love. :)
I think that's about it in terms of huge news. Everything else, I guess you'll figure out as we go. So, let's go. And by that I mean I'm committing to writing a blog post a week (at least) for the next four months. I guess I'll be seeing you around. :)

Love and cuddly toys,

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